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This site primarily showcases certain titles that may be of interest to Byrne and O'Byrne researchers. We cannot help with the tracing of individual family history, but fortunately there are numerous specialised sites for that purpose. We do recommend that you consider joining the well-established DNA project.

We have an Information page, which is intended to list publications and resources that might be of value to our readers. It is very sketchy at present and we will be very happy to include additional items - if you have suggestions, please send details.

On a more personal note - we are Kevin and Christa Byrne, formerly of Dublin and Tipperary, and we have lived in the beautiful Hebridean island of Colonsay since 1978. Our independent publishing business and bookshop concentrate mostly upon aspects of history, literature and transport in the Western Isles although we do happen to publish an excellent and ieavily illustrated book about Jack B. Yeats, "A Portrait of Ireland" (details on request). Kevin is especially interested in history, social history and archaeology and has always regretted the fact that so little traditional and documentary history of post-Elizabethan Ireland has survived. History itself was responsible for this sad state of affairs, but it is important that we continue to gather the scattered and broken remnants whilst we can. Every document in every lawyer's office should be protected and archived; every gravestone in the land should be transcribed and indexed; every family should be asked to record whatever fragments of oral tradition have survived. Sadly, it will not happen - so it is with especial satisfaction that we have been able to assist in the great work undertaken by Paul Burns, Daniel Byrne-Rothwell and their colleagues.



Please place your order through the Purchase page on this site, using PayPal for deliveries witrhin UK. Unfortunately the cost of overseas postage has risen so dramatically that it is best to contact us direct, so that we can quote the exact correct postage. All payments by PayPal are completely secure and all your details are confidential - we are not given any of your financial details. We are horrified by the cost of postage, which is why we have gone to such lengths to try to describe these books in detail, and why we suggest that you "try before you buy", courtesy of the major libraries.

If you prefer to make some special arrangement, (e.g. delivery via a friend or cover address inn the UK) please contact us and we will be very happy to try to assist.

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