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Daniel Byrne-Rothwell

Extent : 298pp 394gm 138 x 218mm ISBN : 978-1-904817-08-6 Price: £15.00 plus postage

This fourth and final volume in the series includes information about famous people of the surname and its variants, also numerous examples of Poetry, Ballad and Prose relating to the extended clan; this section includes consideration of some of the works included in the famous Leabhar Branach ("The Book of the Byrnes"), and there is an updated account of the ongoing DNA project that includes all branches and variants of the name.


Author's Foreword to Volume Four



Foreword to Volume Four

CHAPTER 1 The Enigma of Robert Burns

CHAPTER 2 Some Famous Names

CHAPTER 3 Place Names

CHAPTER 4 Associated Surnames

CHAPTER 5 The O'Byrnes of the Counties Monaghan and Louth: A Personal Perspective, by Shaun E. O'Byrne

CHAPTER 6 The O'Byrnes in Poem, Ballad and Prose

CHAPTER 7 The Byrnes and the O'Byrnes from a DNA Perspective, by Paul J. Burns

Here is a review, from the very first person to have received a copy of this volume:

"After three other volumes about the Byrnes and O'Byrnes, I didn't think there could be any more left out there to be found! The first three books were exhaustive in scope covering the history, social history and genealogy of the name. But volume four continues leaving no stone unturned and covers the surname including the derivatives and possible link to Robert Burns and the Scottish surnames of Burn, Burns, Burnes and Burness and other associated surnames. This book also gives a look into the famous who carry this name in all its forms. There is also a chapter dealing with place names inspired by our ancestors! A history of place names and the poetry of the O'Byrne's complete the look into our united past!

"The book ends with a chapter by Paul Burns explaining our DNA history and explains the scope of a DNA project.

"If you've purchased the first three volumes, this volume four is a necessary addition and like the other three, is very readable. Thanks to all who worked on this project."

S.C., Muscatine, Iowa

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